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I Thrist

   I Thirst   
I thirst for some water, mouth dry as a bone, body sweating with drops of insecurity, envy, and jealousy. I needed some Water to cleanse the poison out of my soul. Only I could not reach the Water, for my mind was trapped by the fear of needing the Water I knew I was not worthy of seeing as I had compromise the authority of the Water with my own selfish desirer. Not realizing that I could not live free of the Water, without dying of thirst.

God is faithful

God is a good God He  promises to give us the  desires of our heart writing is my passion but more important  writing for Him, it gives peace knowing I am doing His working though sometime it is hard He gives me the courage not to quit if He been good to you let me know

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I Thrist
God is faithful


God is able
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